Therapeutic Photography. Your photos as therapy!

Why Therapeutic Photography?

Therapeutic Photography can help people express feelings, emotions and thoughts that may be difficult to explain in words. But, of course, since you don’t know where to begin, you don’t. However, talking about a photo is often a good place to start. Therapeutic photography techniques can keep you going.

For example, I use photography as therapy for depression, anxiety, low self-esteem in addition to other mental health issues. Photography therapy techniques include viewing personal photos, family albums, pictures taken by others and self-portraits.

Therapeutic photography is photography by the individual (or their carer). Furthermore, the use of photographs can help individuals to communicate feelings and emotions. For these reasons, these techniques are more for self-help and awareness. Therefore, input from a therapist is not needed, but the dialogue is helpful. As a result, I offer organised group sessions.

Creating photos has been shown to benefit peoples mental health. Likewise, with other art forms. 

Photography. Therapy. Photographic Therapy.

Anxiety and depression therapy to help

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Photography Therapy. Likewise, photographic therapy, can help:

  • Increase self-knowledge, awareness, and well-being.
  • Improve relationships with family and others.
  • Positive change.
  • Reduce social exclusion.
  • Assist rehabilitation.
  • Strengthen communities.
  • Lessen conflict.
  • Sharpen visual literacy skills.


Judy Weiser Judys’ website for more on photographic therapy.


Photography as therapy for our communities.

Therapeutic photography techniques helping you to make a change. For you and yours.

Nature | Vol 590 | 11 February 2021 |

Alison Abbott

The devastation of the pandemic — millions of deaths, economic strife and unprecedented curbs on social interaction — has already had a marked effect on people’s mental health. Researchers worldwide are investigating the causes and effects of this stress, and some fear that the deterioration in mental health could linger long after the pandemic has subsided.

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